dual extruder options?

I know this is Lulzbot’s web site forum but are there any alternative dual extruder’s that can fit the Taz 6 out there?

I had to return mine cause it kept getting plugged.


I think I fixed my dual extruder by adding a better 5v fan to cool the heat break. I used a fan with double the CFM than the stock one and so far have not gotten heat creep since the mod. Still experimenting on the fix.

Which dual extruder did you try?

I tried the Lulzbot dual extruder but I thought maybe there was an off brand that still fits the Taz 6?

ajrobertsx, is there any soldering involved? I’m not experienced at that but I can unscrew some torx screws if I need to.

I have heard so many reviews complaining of inadequate cooling and jamming. What fan did you buy?

Also, I noticed there was a service bulletin where some v3 toolheads had a thermistor that was intermittently connecting due to “under-crimped” connector, leading to overheating. Are you sure the problem wasn’t due to that? A faulty connection is usually pure open circuit, which on a thermistor would show very low temperature, not even in the ballpark of the actual. So I doubt this issue would lead to any subtle problem. But I don’t really know for sure.

The V3 extruder is better than the V2. Both have quirks.