Heat Creep Dual V3 TAZ 5 question.

So I too suffer from the ever present Heat Creep. I can almost set a watch to it. 1 hr and roughly 20 minutes in, no more filament. I scoured the forum and found the post about the replacement fan which I did (the noctua 40mm fan) and it hasn’t changed a thing. I was going to do the 80mm fan but since I can’t print the duct, I can’t mount it. Oh the irony

So my question is: could it be the filament? I’m currently using the PolyLite PLA from Lulzbot. I don’t have any other to compare to, but wanted to ask before barfing out money just to have it not print again.

Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


I doubt it’s the filament you’re using. Too many people experiencing the same problem, they’re not all using the same name brand filament. It’s the low melting temperature of Pla. You have a few options, buy a roll of PetG for about $15.99 on Amazon (I think the brand name is Overture) and print the 80mm duct. (Besides, you don’t want to print the duct in PLA cause it’s gonna sit on the heatsink possibly melting it). 2.) Change your print head back to the single extruder and print it. 3.) Try printing it with a fan blowing on the print head, the heat creep problem may still happen but you probably will extend the amount of time at which it may fail, may be enough time to achieve a successful print. 4.) Have someone else print it for you or have an over priced 3D print service print it for you.

I have upgraded mine to a directed duct and a noctua fan for my v3 dual. Solved the heat creep. If this hasn’t been fixed I can find the thingiverse page for you!

I am using the duct linked below with the original fan. With careful rearranging, the original wires can be used. After reading the description of how it works, I can understand why there is a problem with the original design. There are also fans available with a higher CFM rating but so far, I haven’t needed them.


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There is also this fan duct: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3098955

I use this one as well with an upgraded fan! Thanks!