Dumpster Find

Found this as is in the trash room at my complex. After a few hours of trying to get more information on what model it is, I have decided to turn here. I think it’s the Taz 1 but unfortunately I’ve run into a lot of 404 page not found errors and can only find info for the Taz 2.1 and up. The power supply does appear to be connected correctly, however there are 4 of them. The PSU fan runs when I turn on the power supply but then stops when I turn on the machine.

Not sure what issues the previous owner had with this machine but I’d love to see what I can do to get it back up and running. Nothing seems to be bent or heavily damaged and moving parts are moving freely. Any links and help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance!

I think Taz 1 was silver. I have an early Taz 2.1 and the unit you have there looks earlier that my 2.1 so, maybe that is a Taz 2.

Cool find. Looks like it should be pretty easy to get it running again.

Looking at this post, https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/differences-between-lulzbot-taz-models-1-2-3-4-5-6/2736/1 I would say that is a Taz 1 with some upgrades.

Can confirm, that name plate was only used on TAZ 1! It looks to be modded with a v2b all metal hexagon hot end, updated Z nut springs, updated heatbed with PEI (indicates likely 24v conversion), and Z axis couplers. Not quite sure why the 4 PSUs though…

Anyway, it looks to be in decent shape for a find! Feel free to post any issues you have, it may take a little love but that one has life in it yet.

Thanks to your help I was able to narrow the search criteria and found documentation for the Taz 1. http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/1.0/documentation/
I got the driver installed successfully. However when I open PrintRun it recognizes the proper port but when I click Connect It just says Connecting… in the upper right corner and never changes from that. :disappointed: The Rambo has an intermittent orange light blinking in the upper left quadrant. There is what appears to be an R next to it.

I have tried multiple versions of Printrun to rule out compatibility. Trying the second of the 4 power blocks now.

Update: Well, plugged in the only power brick labeled good… It immediately sizzled, popped a capacitor and started smoking. At least I am narrowing down the possibilities. :laughing:

Well it took a little time and effort but I’ve got it up and running! Only 2 of the 4 power bricks were good. The 5a fuses both needed to be replaced. Tuck all of the wiring back in and re-soldered a few separated wires. The red ABS reel that was on printer when I found it was extruding horribly and was brittle and full of air bubbles. I removed the whole hexagon and separated it into it’s pieces, they were badly clogged with some black material in addition to the red. I put it in the oven and melted out the large chunks, then let it sit in an acetone bath for a day or so to get the rest of the residue. Bought a new nozzle and PLA filament. Leveled the bed and ran a first print.

Thank you to everyone who helped me identify the model and the mods! Hoping for a long life to come for this printer.

Wow, neat! I want to find a Taz in a dumpster too now! Very cool, glad to see its back in service! Someday you will want to consider updating the Z axis to at least the Taz 4/5 spec, it definitely helps considerably.

Sounds like something to look into. Do you have more info or a specific link to a forum thread covering this? Thank you

Here’s a thread covering the basic process. https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/ground-up-restoration-taz3-to-taz5/1900/1

In your case you essentially have the electronics of a taz 5, and close enough to the frame of a taz 3 to use that as a direct guide. You can get the x end plates from lulzbot still, and the leadscrews and lead screw nuts can be sourced new or used. Itworks3d.com can be a good source for those. In addition to what’s swapped out in that thread you are going to want to swap out the main frame to bed frame mounts, as the old style ones can shift unexpectedly. The only tricky part to the upgrade is the relocated z axis endstop wire, which requires either remaking or extending that wire. Once you have that in, and you verify your taz is a 24v tax you can essentially just load the stock taz 5 firmware, recalibrate the e steps, and go to town. Alternativly you could upgrade to 6 spec. That requires a bit more work and additional parts.

You might take a look at the taz openbuilds x and y mods after you upgrade to 5 spec as well.