E3D V6 1.75mm mount

Hi All,

In honour of this thread https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/comprehensive-list-of-taz-modifications/1971/1 I decided I’d add my own to the list as well. I converted to using 1.75mm filament which is easier to source for me but wasn’t able to find a compatible 1.75mm e3d mount at the time.

Print it with Taulman Nylon (I use Bridge) and also requires 2 M3x12mm screws and M3 heat inserts. The fit is intentionally near-zero tolerance around the hot end diameter so that once the screws are in it’s going to be absolutely rock solid. For this reason, ABS or other hard materials may not fit without fiddling around with the scaling a little bit or sanding down manually.
e3d p1.stl (74.1 KB)
e3d p2.stl (82.8 KB)

Added it to the list, Thanks!