Editing Start and End gcode

I am trying to get my MacBook Pro going with Cura (15.xx) and for the life of me I can not get the start and end codes changed. I know its in a ini file and I am pretty sure its current_ profile.ini I change it editing in Notepad and resaving. I open Cura, go over the Expert settings and its the same ole file as before. What is the secret?

You might have better luck editing the gcode in Cura then exporting the profile to a location you know. That way you can always edit, save and load a known file rather than relying on the current config.

You can do that by using the open and save profile options in the file menu.
Edit the gcode here.

Thank you it seems to work just fine!!

Oops what happens if you edit and Save and restart all is fine… until you switch back to Quick print and then back to Expert somehow the edited file gets reset to the default ini again and all charges are lost??

So I need to rename the file and re- load each time?

Just be sure you save the profile you want before going to quick print. When you come back to expert settings, the quick print settings are loaded. The newest version of Cura will prompt you to copy the quick print settings into expert mode or not. The safest bet is to be sure you save the profile you have set up before you leave expert mode. That way, you can always load it back in.

Well here’s the deal, there must be a hidden default profile, file located someplace. You can edit the current profile, leave it the same name or rename, it makes no difference. Once you switch out of expert and then go back it reloads the default file. The default file has several start and end profiles or gcodes loaded and when you change to a different filament type or normal or fine it uses another start end gcode. So unless you can find that hidden file and edit ALL the profiles you will need to constantly reload the profile you want. I have not had time to locate this hidden / default file, any suggestions would be welcome.

I work on Cura for Aleph Objects. IIRC there is not so much a hidden file, instead Cura has a hardcoded “internal” profile which is used to reset the profile displayed. The profile used is based on what printer you have configured. Modifying start/end gcode from the appropriate tab in expert is the way to go.

Like nopick said, In Cura v17 (released about a month ago) when switching between quickprint/expert you can decide to copy over the profile or not. Always picking “no” would let you accomplish something close to what you describe. v17 also fixes plenty of other issues too.

So there is a hidden file… of sorts but its non editable by the user. That explains a lot. I am trying to do this on a MacBook Pro but I am practicing on my PC. So is there a Version 17 for Mac? I will check and see.
OK got the Mac file.
But back to square one, sort of… So there are several sets of Start and End gcode files in the Profile. And they change in the editing window according to either which filament or normal / fine printing mode you select? So it looks as if you need to go and change all by loading the file into Notepad or other text editor and then start copying pasting to do each one.

You got it! There is a Mac version.