Reduce hot end temperature - how?

I’m getting a lot of stringing on layer 1. One recommendation says to lower the (ABS) print temperature.

I’m using the ABS (ICD3) profile which has a hot end temp of 245 deg. I’ve copied the High Detail profile to make High Detail #2. But I can’t see how to edit it. Should I be copying an existing to a new material and edit that instead?

Tried Settings/Profiles/Manage Profiles, and can open and see what the settings ARE. But none of them are editable. I single or double click on a field, and nothing happens.

I’m using an MG Chemicals ABS Grey filament. It isn’t in the standard materials so i guessed and chose the first ABS filament in the list - ICD3. Looking again at the packaging, I see it recommends 230-240 C for the printing temperature.

I’m using Cura 3.2.32 on Lulzbot Mini.

How do I edit the profile, or create a new material with amended settings, or otherwise permanently reduce the hot end temperature to see if it will help with the stringing, and slight ooze when the print head is waiting and warming up before starting to print?

I have tried searching this forum, but maybe I’m using the wrong search terms - I can’t find any explanation of how to make this, or other, changes to the profile or material. And now I come to think of it, I’m not sure which of those
I should be changing!

Setting up a custom profile in Cura LE can seem a bit tricky at first but it is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. Here are some step by steps directions to help you through the process.

  1. Load Cura make sure that in the ‘Material’ drop down menu on right side of screen you have your preferred filament selected.

  2. Make sure you have the detail profile you want to print with selected from the ‘Profile’ drop down menu directly below ‘Material’ menu (Your new profile will be set to whatever detail profile you selected so if you want to print using our standard detail of .25mm you will have to make sure this is selected before moving forward).

  3. Switch from ‘Recommended’ to ‘Custom’ settings if you are not already in the correct area by selecting the option for ‘Custom’ you can find this next to the area labled ‘Print Setup’.

  4. Make any and all adjustments to the settings that you need.

  5. Once changes have been made to the settings a star will appear in the drop down menu for ‘Profile’.

  6. Click the arrow on 'Profile" drop down menu and select option labeled ‘Create New Profile From Current Settings/Overrides’.

  7. This will bring up a new window in which you will be asked to name your new profile. We recommend labeling these something specific so they are easy to keep track of, but that is entirely up to you. You can then export the newly created profile from Cura, and import it into other materials that are using similar parameters for the profile drop down menu, without having to create a whole new profile.

  8. Once your new profile has been saved you can select it by first choosing the Material that you used to create the profile then in the ‘Profile’ drop down menu select the new option that will be available from this menu. This new profile should include all the setting adjustments you just made.

Thank you. I’ll try that as soon as I’m feeling better - have a horrible cough which started in earnest this morning, and is leaving me feeling quite low and not very well.