EEPROM and the TAZ

Has anyone enabled the EEPROM settings and the associated M50x gcode commands on their Rambo/TAZ setup? Just curious if it provided any benefit other than self documentation of the stepper values.

Same holds true for the PID enablement on the Bed. It’s turned off by default and uses something called Bang-Bang (basically on, overshoot, off, undershoot, on… repeat). While a bed doesn’t specifically need to be PID controlled, it might interesting…

I also suppose that the gang from Lulz ought to chime in and let us know if the bed can even be controlled with PWM and the PID mechanism. Perhaps it can’t and why it isn’t enabled? (or more likely, there is no benefit to doing so)…

Inquiring minds want to know (see what happens when you send parts to Lulz for them to evaluate a problem and you have down time on your hands… you think of everything to mess with :slight_smile:… )


I enabled it…it works fine.
it can help if you are trying to tweak your max speeds, but not much use otherwise IMO.

rather have it and not need it though.