End of Brim?

I discovered this method of making your parts “Stick Smarter” without using brim. You guys might already know about this but I thought I would share for the noobs like me.

You have to manually add circles to the corners and common areas of warping (10-40mm in diameter) with a thickness of 2-3 layers (0.2 - 0.4mm). It takes more time then clicking that brim button, but you save ALOT of time long term.

This is much more effective then brim because it treats the circles as perimeters+infill, technically making the sticking surface larger. Infill is used to fill the circles in, so technically, its much faster then brim because its not JUST printing perimeters at a slower speed like brim does.

Post production is way faster then brim because your only removing plastic where you need it, and not around the whole part. We all know how annoying brim “can” be sometimes when you have super intricate first layers with sharp angles.

Be careful you don’t pull the whole first layer off, make sure you get a clean break. Use an exacto knife to start the break if need be

Is there a way to write a code into slic3r to make this happen automatically?


Yes, and you can request it as a feature in (or using info from) this thread: https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/slic3r-feature-wish-list/585/1

thanks chief!posted.