SPINELESS BRIM - Remove your part easily and save PET Tape


I just posted an article on some research I did on how to save your bed from cracking, saves on PET tape and allow you to remove your part much easier.

Here is a link to the article. It also has a picture of the BRIM you must create in your part to make this work.


Hope this helps.


  1. What’s this got to do with “Hardware”?

  2. So you started a new thread, that simply links to a different thread you started here at the Lulzbot forum? Not the best forum etiquette.

  3. If your parts are sticking to the PET sheet so much that you can’t get the parts off without damage, it’s more than possible your Lulzjuice recipe and/or application of it is incorrect.

  4. It’s also possible your first layer is going down wrong, which might indicate a z-height adjustment is needed, or you’re extrusion parameters need adjusting.

  5. You’ve created what’s called a “raft”.

Happy Printing

+1 to edlink…

I’d also add that you’re probably removing the part wrong… Don’t pry with the tool. Keep sliding the flat part underneath the part working side to side. With patience the part should come off.

P.E.I -----> problem solved…

I am describing a better method of removing large parts. I am not sure why you think I am having issues. I am printing parts with large surface areas of 4 to 8 inch square.

Why would you think I am asking for help? Your attempt to “correct” me only make others second guess what I am describing. This is something new I have not seen discussed anywhere.

It is a really cool technique.