Slic3r feature wish list

Put slic3r feature requests and related discussion here.

There is also

“do not exceed %80 of nozzle diameter” check box next to layer height and first layer height options or ability to set layer heights as a percentage of nozzle diameter

“Home z-axis between prints” in sequential printing (as opposed to moving to zero)

axis selection when rotating parts in the plater tab

ability to turn non-manifold .stl auto-repair on or off

“manual temperature control” or “do not include temperature commands in output file” checkbox in temperature settings (equivalent to setting everything to zero)

seam hiding (external perimeter starts and finishes inside the part instead of on the surface)

Remove “G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle” from default start g-code

add “M140 S0 ; turn off bed temperature” to default end g-code

acceleration setting for retraction

“Target layer print time” setting instead of “speed for print moves” settings (would probably require “maximum print speed”, “minimum print speed” setting and “relative print speeds” for each print feature: perimeters, infill, support etc.)

I think brim is stupid and my method in this forum:
would work much better. Can these mickey mouse ears be added to slic3r? Can the 90* corners of a model be detected and therefore a shape (circle, quare, polygon) of X size with X layer thickness be added?

I like Brim.
I make a fair number of parts that have only thin edges on the bottoms and Brim works well for me.
The mouse ears would also be a good option to add, but not replace, Brim.

defs not replace brim at all. it has its time and place for sure. just another check mark to the slicer options list.

Instead of just first layer and other layer temperatures I would like to be able to define the number of layers the initial temperature applies to. For instance, I would like my bed to turn off after the first 5-10 layers when printing with PLA to save electricity but my only options right now is to turn it off after only the first layer or leave it on continuously.

I’d like the ability to specify a permanent output folder, rather than outputting gcode into the last folder accessed. I have my .stl files arranged in project folders but always need my gcode in one specific shared folder.