Cura 2.6.63 Brim Settings

Happy to report that I’m back to printing great prints, the Taz 5 is tuned in beautifully… but that puts me back in the Cura quandary.

I have a design with many small feet all through it. Its basically an expanded version of the design below.

I print this with supports, trouble is even in PLA, when I print with no brim the corners pull up, which isnt ideal.

So I add a brim… now the brim isnt just around the outside it wraps around each of the feet and even under the support lattice and attaches the support to the feet of the model, making the support extremely difficult to remove.

Is there an option to make the brim only on the perimiter of the model?

I don’t know of any way to limit the brim. I thought perhaps using a skirt with 0 distance, but tried that and it operates exactly as brim.

Best approach may be to add some corner “pads” (often called “lily-pads”) to the design itself. I’ve seen that on quite a few designs. Make them one-layer thick, and they are pretty easy to remove (just like a brim).

There’s an example of that about 1/2 way down this page:

Very nice idea. Thanks so much.

Took me a good while to learn to do it efficiently in Blender, and I had to redo it to make it thicker than the depth of a layer for Cura to pick it up and put it in as a slice, but I think its going to work great.