ENT's not TAZ



I like it!

What are the travel ranges on that one? I’ve been itching to try that form factor with an acme leadscrew.

200 x 214 x 162 iirc. Though, you will have to be careful not to hit your binder clips if you go for the full volume:)

Here are some pictures of our second ENT build. New for this one, we used 420mm extrusions for the vertical frame components, LMU-N10 ball bearings for the z-axis, and an improved z-nut mount printed in ninjaflex.

For those curious, ENT is a basically a TAZ 3.1 clone with the following changes:

400mm extrusions rods instead of 500mm
TAZ 1.0 Z-tops instead of laser cut acrylic
enstiffified y-ends (without the two pockets on either side of the motor/bearing mounts)
aluminum corner connectors instead of laser cut acrylic
aluminum cross mounts instead of printed y-chassis mounts
sealed bearings instead of unsealed bearings (TAZ 5 and up will have sealed ones methinks)
200mmx200mm prusa heatbed with removable borosilicate glass
z-nut mounts made from ninjaflex and redesigned for alignment
trapezoidal machine screws with nylon followers and helical couplers instead of allthread with brass nuts and zip-tied tubes
different firmware

The printed parts are in PLA except those in the x-carriage assembly (ABS) and the z-nuts (ninjaflex).

Overall this is a really nice printer, and I am jealous of the people who get to use it:)

Nice looking machine. Good job.