Option to Clear Firmware from Control Box?

Hi everyone,

Before going in to detail about my issue, I am using a LulzBot Taz 6 with a DualExtruder v3.

I have been using a DualExtruder v3 and have had some issues with it. I recently had to unscrew some pieces of the printer head and found that the thermistor on my DualExtruder v3 was loose/frayed. After noticing this, I wanted to try to flash the firmware of the control box for the printer back to the single extruder firmware so I could continue to use the single extruder that originally came with my Taz 6. Unfortunately, I was unable to flash the single extruder firmware because of this thermistor issue. The error I received was “E1 Err: MINTEMP PRINTER HALTED” when the DualExtruder was connected. I know I need to have the DualExtruder connected to the printer in order to flash the single extruder firmware, but I unable to do that now because of this issue. Is there any way to clear the firmware on the control box so I am able to flash the single extruder firmware afterwards without needing the DualExtruder connected? Right now I am unable to do anything with my printer. Any help is appreciated.

If you started with dual extruder FW, you will need to keep the dual extruder connected so that it matches the firmware on the machine. Then, you will flash the single extruder FW with Cura. After this completes, the printer will reboot into the Single Extruder FW, but it will MIN_TEMP immediately because it finds a Dual Extruder connected. So you then change the toolhead to the single extruder and the printer will be operational.

I believe you’ve successfully flashed to the single extruder firmware. Therefore, all you need to do now is replace the toolhead with the single extruder and power cycle the printer.

All you need is a 100K ohm resistor across two pins on the second connector. See:


I think LulzBot should include a connector with this resistor as part of the dual extruder kit.