Hi guys, I’m having an issue where my tazbot 5 won’t print because of the error above. I’m currently using a SE .5 head and I have already tested the heater and the monitor and got 16 ohms and 110 Kohms. I had a dual headed extruded hadn’t gotten around to putting on. So I put it on the taz bot5 and I’m getting the same error code reading but for a split second when I turned it on at one point it worked properly then it went back to displaying the error. I had a old .5 head set up too I had used before the se .5 I got the error on so I plugged in that was of one and same error popped up. I don’t understand what’s wrong since I do t think all thre of the heads have busted thermal resistors and heater cartridges. Any ideas on what might be wrong are welcome

The dual extruder uses different firmware than the single extruder and if you replace the dual extruder with the single extruder before switching the firmware you will get this error. You need to plug the dual extruder back in, change the firmware, and then swap to the single extruder.

A 100 ohm resistor across the thermistor pins of the second plug will also work but I don’t remember which pins off the top of my head. You should find it at https://gitlab.com/lulzbot3d/tool-heads/yellowfin/-/tree/master/production_parts/electronics/cable_drawings