eSUN HIPS Issues

I have been printing with my Taz6 for about 6 months now in my classroom. I have been using PLA mostly and haven’t had any issues. I recently bought several spools of eSUN HIPS on sale. Since there is not a profile for it in Cura, I tried some of the other ones but encountered several problems such as the temp was too low and I was getting a lot of delimitation, releasing from the bed, and warping. After doing some research and working with the settings, I was able to get a pretty good print on my practice item but still not great. Warping and releasing from the bed are still problems - especially when printing multiple parts. Anyone have a best settings for this filament? Thanks!

I have found a solution. After tweaking the settings (temp, speed, flow, etc.) I got a pretty good print but still suffer from warping. So, I got an older version of Cura (I still like that interface better) and it had the eSUN HIPS profile in it. I printed the same model using that pre-set and it came out perfect with no warping. Lulzbot does a great job tuning their profiles!

Hi Ktwelch,
Can you provide which version of cura you used, or a copy of the settings that worked? :ugeek: