HIPS printing help

I have a TAZ5 I’ve been using for a month with good luck with PLA, but poor quality with HIPS.

The PLA i Use is Velleman from Microcenter (yellow and red).

And the HIPS is ESUN from Lulzbot (purple and white)

I’m using Cura and the TAZ5 Cura profiles from the Lulzbot site with the recommended temperatures:

240C, 110C HIPS
205C, 60C PLA

Experimenting with all the high/med/low quality profiles always gives good results on PLA, and always disappointing results on HIPS. I obtain good adhesion of the first layer but the particular issue with HIPS is the top layer is always very wavy.

The PLA is always smooth, and the HIPS is never smooth. I can post some pics too if that help, but just wondering what others have been doing.

Check the hips diameter and see if it is smaller then the pla. Then adjust the filament width setting as needed.