eSun UV color change filament

So I received some samples from eSun. One was the Color change filament. There are two kinds; UV and Temp. The results are…interesting.

Note, these filaments are based on PLA material.

As you can see, Marvin doesn’t have consistent change in 3D. Interestingly, I thought it was a density thing, but the head is denser than stomach, so that’s not it.

Here is another model with a consistent dimensional thickness. The results are much better.

Here are printed 3D scans of fossils using the UV changing eSun PLA filament. I am getting fairly even color with non-uniform print densities.


Wow! That’s very interesting! Same brand of material?

I used the eSun 3mm PLA, red and purple UV color changing filaments. Really does a fine job.