Unique filaments and existing nozzles

Okay, so I just read through this great list of various filaments and what makes them special:


And it got me wondering. I know that a special nozzle is needed to print ninjaflex, but how many of those other filaments are printable with the Budaschnozzle or the new hot end on the TAZ 5? How would I go about figuring that out before purchasing one of the more unusual filaments like LayCeramic or Steel PLA?

It’s not the nozzle so much that is an issue for Ninjaflex, it’s the extruder filament delivery path. The Flexystruder better constrains the filament so it doesn’t flop around everywhere.

Most filaments can be printed with the Hexagon. Some of the higher temperature filaments are out of range of the Buddaschnozzle on account of the whole “it will melt” thing. Many of the specialty filaments are either highly abrasive, or leave behind a lot of residue, so you would be wise to have a separate “printing weird things” print head if your budget can afford it. Specifically some of the carbon fiber and sand / wood fiber filaments can wreak havoc on a print head used for normal operations.

I’d be willing to do that, but just hypothetically speaking, would cleaning the nozzle between uses be a possibility? I know the end unscrews, and I’ve taken mine apart before for a repair. I plan on upgrading to the hexagon soon anyway, so I could just keep the Buda for the weird stuff.

Nozzle threads have about 1 in 2 9dds of stripping in my experience. Possibly I am just unlucky, but I don’t recommend it