Extrude PLA on Lulzbot Taz 6

Hi… A little rusty and haven’t had time to devote to maker-space plus still learning the new Cura and the LCD access.

Could you pls. share (with screenshots, if possible) the step by step to extrude PLA filament using…

  1. the LCD screen knob on the Lulzbot Taz 6
  2. Cura software on the PC (latest version)

I have the User Guide to the Taz 6 but that’s not helping.

Thank you.

There shouldn’t be anything special about it, so long as you’re using 2.85mm PLA. Select PLA as your material in Cura LE, slice and send to the printer via SD or USB.

With the stock Taz6 extruder, PLA has a tendency to strip, so keep the tension a but higher and be careful with too many retractions.

I’m looking for the exact steps to extrude?

Inhe old Cura you would click on the file and could choose Extrude before the print.

I don’t see in the new Cura where you select Extrude.

I can slice the gcode to an SDS card (which I do) and then insert that sd card in the Taz 6 and select Print From Media and find that gcode file and click Print.

But, where is the Extrude option?

I like to extrude filament first just to see how it’s extruding. I had a broken toolhead once and it would print badly so now I extrude to see that and then print.

I don’t see the word Extrude anywhere on the LCD screen.

Thank you.

What firmware on the printer are you running?

What version of Cura LE are you running?

With the most recent “stable” version of Cura LE (3.6.38), it’s in the monitor page. Set the temp to PLA temps (205-215 depending on the hot end configuration), then set the amount, and click extrude.

From the Taz 6 on the latest firmware ( you use the temperature menu to set to PLA temps (about 205-215, depending on your hot end configuration), then use the motion menu and select the extruder, then set the amount and roll the wheel to extrude/retract.

HUGELY helpful!!!

Thank you ever so much.



Hi Wrathernaut,

I got the Purge going under Cura well but I get a little lost on the GLED screen,

I rotate the knob clockwise to Temperature and I get a drop down menu for Bed, Nozzle, but don’t see Extrude.

I then rotated the knob down to Motion and selected that but I don’t see Extrufon that either.

The only way I can seem to extrude is to trun the knob to Filament > Change Filament > Unload Filaments and then re-install that PLA filament and then I see Purge - Purge More.

I must be missing a step?

Thank you so kindly.


You have to set the temp of the nozzle to 205. It won’t extruder until you’re at a safe temp.

Motion menu, select move axis, move extruder.