Cura-Lulzbot - 2.6.52 - missing materials for TAZ 5 single extruder

With Cura 2.6.52, a number of materials are missing out of the materials list for the TAZ 5 with single extrude.
I looked at one of the material files (polylite PLA) and found that the TAZ5 single extruder isn’t listed.

The file is listed below and TAZ 5 is missing for the single extruder (lulzbot_taz5)

Is this by design or a bug?


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> Generic PolyLite PLA (Polymaker) Generic Beginner 506c9f0d-e3aa-4bd4-b2d2-23e2425b1aa9 1 #8DB6CD [ 1.25 2.85 200 60 175 175 140 140 45 Supported Supported

Hello k7zpj,

Thank you for the report, this is not intentional and we have opened a bug ticket to look into it, and get it sorted for future releases:

As for now, go ahead and use the Verbatim or Village Plastics PLA profiles. The Polylite PLA profile was based on these, and should be fairly close.

Thank you.