What is the TAZ 5 LCD command to Extrude ?

How do I use my TAZ LCD without using Cura on my Mac to extrude prior to a print? I can’t seem to find the command on my TAZ screen to do this. I see functions for moving the print head and disabling the steppers but nothing to extrude.

Any help would be appreciated.


Prepare - Move Axis - 1mm or 0.1mm - Extruder?

Is this a category on the LCD menu or is that gcode ? I am looking for the scroll down menu item on the lcd that would allow you to extrude without going into Cura. A lot of times Ill hook up my laptop to just use Cura to extrude some filament and I figure it should be on the LCD somewhere on the TAZ.

Yes is in the menu, just go there :wink:

I must have serious visual issues today. I can’t seem to find the command. What menu is it under? Also how does one know they have the latest firmware on their Taz 5?