Extruder gears wear

Not sure what to make of this but there is a lot of flakes from the extruder gears. I’ve only had the printer two weeks. Is this normal?

It is normal as long as you don’t see any cracking or splitting in the gears. Just blow the dust off and keep printing!

Yup, is normal.

Not sure I agree… I’ve had my Mini for months and have no flakes like that. I’ve easily done 100+ prints on it as well. I’d probably do the same as suggested above, but if it keeps happening, I’d reach out to support to get their input. Seems to me the two gears are tight and grinding away the areas that are binding. I presume if this were the case, the flakes should stop at some point.

I’ve contacted support about that very issue about this time last year when I first got my Mini. It’s normal and is confirmed by the great and powerful Lulz.

Ah ok guys, thanks a lot. I was freaking out a bit. I’ve been messing with retraction speeds and lengths and I thought I was grinding down the extruder gears.

That’s why you should print another set. :slight_smile:

That looks just like mine!
And, as kcchen said, you should print a spare set of gears.

I used ABS and 80% fill, if I remember right. I also have a set in HIPS.
I can’t tell the difference, other than the HIPS set is smoother.