Extruder hot end

Wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I have a Taz 6 single extruder. I was printing an object overnight and when I came in the next morning, something had happened and I know had the hotend completely encased in hardened pla and of course a failure notice from the printer. I worked long and slowly and was able to free the entire assembly by using a heat gun and slowly melting all of the plastic so that it flowed off of all of the parts. After letting it cool and checking things, I notice I was able to spin the hexagonal heat sink part of the hotend and slid it out of its threaded sheath. I went back and carefully heated up the aluminum and was also able to remove the threaded sheath without any damage. As these parts are almost impossible to source, I am wondering if I should attempt to silver solder the sheath back onto the tube. I wonder if the silver solder will withstand the heat and remain a good bond to the feeder tube. Anyone?

Find the part from the hexagon hotend assembly instruction on OHAI. Then try a google search… something may come up on ebay. It sounds like the heatbreak, but not sure what you mean by the tube. There’s a grub screw on the heatsink that looks to secure the heatbreak.

Post a picture if you can.

This is my Taz 5 and Taz 6 hotend next to each other. The Taz 5 is assembled, the Taz 6 is separated into parts and you will notice the threaded sleeve is separate from the feed tube. The Taz 5 assembly feels solid and I can tighten the octagon by hand, the Taz 6 slides into the threaded sleeve and spins, it has separated from the feed tube, and after I cleaned it, it looks as if it may have been soldered or braised but the heat that built up when the machine malfunctioned defeated that bond. I had to reheat the octogon and use a very small wrench to remove the threaded sleeve. I have already done what you suggested, that was my first angle of attack, maybe you noticed that I said I found it very difficult to source parts

Thats interesting… I never knew the heatbreak had a sleeve. I’ve always seen them as a single unit. Anyway, I think its toast… Soldering might work, but it makes you wonder why they didn’t just start off that way.