Fail on 1st print

Instead of the rocktopus 1st print I loaded a different STL model and tried to print. The spool wasn’t turning as the head moved over the bed, but I saw the bed starting to bubble. Here are some pictures below. Does anyone know what may of happened? Thanks ahead of time.

What filament and what were the temperatures? There is more to 3D printing than opening the box and turning on the printer.

Your going to want to call support on that one. It looks like your auto leveling failed catastrophically.

The reason I asked what temps, looks like whatever it was… melted.

I’m with Piercet on this one. My bet is that your nozzle or one or more of the washers on the corners of the bed had some crud on them, preventing electrical contact between the nozzle and the washer, throwing off the auto-level. Your nozzle probably came down too low as a result and made contact with the print bed. (Same thing happened to the elementary class I was working with when they tried their first print, though their melt-down was not as bad.)

It’s an easy fix. It’s unlikely the borosilicate glass bed was damaged. It’s just a matter of removing the old PEI sheet, cleaning the glass thoroughly, and installing a new sheet.

My Bad, I thought that was melted filament on the bed!! I think Lulzbot owes him a new bed if that’s the issue, the self leveling function.

The filament is the green HIPS piece that comes standard with the unit, the temperature entered was 240 as mentioned in the instruction manual. But during the run no filament came out during the print (I did verify extrusion using Extrude 10 a couple of times like the manual said). Something didn’t look right when it was doing its first auto-leveling out of the box, it looked like it bumped into one of the four corners and it also made very loud sounds. I’ll call tech support. I’ll see where to get more of those PEI sheets. Thanks!

Call support. Your bed leveling failed. They will send you a new pei/glass/heating element assembly under warranty and you can swap it out in less than 10 minutes.

I was under the impression that watching for auto-leveling problems at the start of a print (and cancelling the print if necessary) was a customer responsibility, not a warranty issue.

It depends on why it failed. On a first print like that it might be a bad washer contact or something, not a nozzle tip coating issue

I think they have a great warranty guideline that may have them replacing things that may be user caused, but still makes them very great in the level they honor at supporting their customers. :sunglasses:

I’ve had no problem with their customer support. The school’s Mini failed and trashed the PEI on the first print the classroom tried (the teacher and I had already printed the octopus and one other small print). The hot end clogged at the same time. They fixed the hot end under warranty. They probably would have done the PEI as well, but I had already ordered 2 replacement sheets (anticipating a few more problems as the class learned to use the printer), so I just replaced that myself. I really appreciated their help and tips, and the quick turnaround.

I think Lulzbot/AO’s supoprt is pretty generous. They recognize that support and warranty is part of the premium for their printers.