Failure to extrude stepper motor quits

I am having problems with what I thought was a nozzle continually clogging. I cleared them all and was able to print several smaller items on my Taz6. I thought I was in the clear, and I was wrong.

Now I started a print, was midway through when again it stopped extruding. This time I noticed that the stepper motor was moving a little and then not at all. I have an enclosure over the whole machine so I thought that the stepper motor may be getting too hot. I let things cool then tried to print again. The same thing happened, midway through the stepper motor stopped working and extruding quit. I could see the stepper motor trying to move but it appeared that it didn’t have enough power to turn the gears to extrude.

Does anyone know if this is a stepper motor going bad or do I have other problems? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Reach out to our support team. This group of experts are in 24/7. They’ll have several recommendations for you based on your skill level and what’s discovered:

Have you checked the small set screw on the small herringbone gear that attaches to your extruder motor? It is possible from your description that this is being caused by a loose connection between the motor and the gear.

Yes I have already looked at that. It appears that the motor went bad.