Stepper motors clicking, not engaging

Using a Taz 5 dual extruder V2 and the stepper motor on the toolhead starts clicking and failing to extrude or print anything. It does this “click back” motion and just don’t engage. This is an older video of this phenomena BUT it is happening the exact same again.

This is the second time this has happened. I managed to resolve it the first time by changing the retraction speed/distance and printing speeds. It was set to 30 mm/s as a default for retraction speed, and 5 mm for distance. The printing speed was at 60mm/s.

I changed it to 10 mm/s retraction speed, 2mm distance, and 30mm/s overall print speed and it worked fine for about 2 months. Now, however, the issue is back with a vengeance and no amount of changing profile settings will help.

Suggestions on what to do next and what could be causing this?

The stepper is unable to feed the filament through the nozzle. This can often be due to improperly tightend idler arms, yous hould have 8mm or less distance between the washers on either side of the springs. If its not that, it could be the nozzle is too close to the bed or the part is lifting and pressing on the nozzle mid print, effectively making the nozzle too close to the part. It could also be a failed heater core or thermistor making the material too cold and preventing it from extruding. It could also be a failed bore cooling fan if this is PLA causing bore lock and causing the stepper to skip like that. Usually if it is skipping and not just grinding out there is some flow but not sufficient.

Thank you for the reply. You were absolutely right. The motors could not extrude filament, and this is why they were clicking.

I knew the bed needed calibrated and was trying to do that, but then didn’t realize the extent to which things were out of whack. Somehow, someway, the whole entire X axis rod was CROOKED by about 8 mm! And it was pushing the entire bed down dramatically. It took some doing, but by moving the rods manually I managed to level them back out.
I have no idea how that happened, nor do my coworkers.

But now it is working just fine after leveling the bed.

Thanks again for the tip. I probably wouldn’t have thought to look at that until at least another day or so.