Taz 3 Extruder Stepper Motor Won't Move

I seem to have broken the hot end and stepper motor control on my Taz 3 extruder. I have tracked down the hot end malfunction to a fried heat resistor, but I can’t seem to figure out what happened the stepper motor. When I send a command using the move extruder 1mm command on the LCD, nothing happens.

I checked the fuses on the Rambo and they are all in tact. I have tried connecting another stepper motor from my Flexystruder (which I know should work) and it does not move either. All other stepper motors (X,Y,Z) on the Taz 3 work fine.

I’m not sure what to check next; does anyone have an idea of what may be wrong? Are there any electrical connections I can check to troubleshoot this?


Looks like there was an easy explanation; I just had to try moving the motor using PrintRun to see the error message. The extruder motor will not run if the hot end is not hot (cold extrusion error). I’ll have to replace that heat resistor first. I imagine the motor is fine.

If you contact us at support@lulzbot.com with your order information, printer serial number, and desired mailing address we may be able to help with that replacement.