Lulzbot Support is Horrible

Tell you what, I have never run across a worse company in terms of support than Lulzbot. If YOU are considering buying any product from Lulzbot, I would suggest you read through this first:

I purchased back on March 15, 2019 a top of the line combination package for the Lulzbot Taz 6 + HS 0.8mm + SL 0.25mm tool heads and heated enclosure, and still to this day I have yet to use either of the additional tool heads.

For starters, I just dropped close to $5K for a turn key printer that is supposed to print out of the box without a bunch of assembly and configuration. Nonsense, how about you spend 4 hours assembling about 400 pieces of cheap acrylic into the heated build chamber, and with everything affixed together with about 200 M4 nuts. Miserable.

Turn on the printer, the display is defective. No possible way they tested this setup unless they managed to somehow not look at the display when printing the test octopus. Support ticket, I need to send them back the LCD for evaluation, they will ship a replacement. I am super not happy, why am I being penalized for your faulty printer that was not tested prior to shipping? They then agree to ship me a replacement LCD, which after removal of 14 bolts I then have to remove the original LCD then re-install the replacement. Replacement has a stuck button defect, but I’m not about to pull everything apart again and go through the hassle of another RMA.

Using the default print head, good results on the first set of prints although everything in Cura is not dimensionally accurate for some reason; prints are about 10% off but I don’t have time to troubleshoot any of it.

Install the SL 0.25mm head, flash firmware, no go. Contact support again, they say it’s a Z-offset issue. I say how in the world can there be a Z-offset issue when I purchased a printer with autoleveling bed which is supposed to dynamically calculate the Z-offset with each print? Tech sends me instructions, none of them are applicable to the Taz 6, none of the options he is telling me to pull exist in the LCD menu.

Swap out the SL 0.25mm head for the HS 0.8mm head. The default piece of green PetG filament is in the extruder, but won’t extrude or retract. I let it heat for 10 minutes per support and then use needle nose pliers to try to pull the filament after loosening the bolt, no way this is coming out and it’s somehow completely fused inside the extruder. Tech sends me troubleshooting instructions for the default tool head, inapplicable to the HS 0.8mm head which has no way of servicing it that I can tell.

Oh and let me tell you about Lulzbot documentation, it’s a real jewel. Half of everything is based on Pronterface it seems, or they just leave old articles online and don’t differentiate between different makes and model printers I guess?

So this is where everything is at now. I get the email from tech support that I must send them PDFs of my proof of purchase receipts - from them (I bought the printer online directly from Lulzbot but they don’t have my purchase order history accessible?).

And then, they will grant warranty service. So for a $5K printer that has never worked out of the box properly and with two super expensive additional extruders that have never once worked or been used, I have to box everything up and ship it to Canada or wherever at my own expense, at which point Lulzbot will have their techs evaluate everything and determine if they can be repaired.

Ridiculous and absurd, a miserable company to work with and terrible support. I could have built two Prusa i3s by now and spent less than half the money.