Filament for Gears

Are there filaments that can be used for making plastic gears? For instance, Delrin, an acetal resin, is often machined into gears. Is there a filament that will has the tensile strength and impact strength similar to Delrin?

Others will chime in with more specifics but I would think you want to start looking at the Nylon filaments at

I could not agree more! Both herringbone gears on my extruder are nylons, the Alloy 910. It is a bit tricky to print, especially the big one due to bed adhesion issues. But thanks to the Wolfbite Nitro, everything is possible. And once you get it done, you will never regret using it. This stuff is really strong and nearly unbreakable. And no more dust on the gears. And much smoother operation due to nylon’s slippery properties. I just love this stuff and I’m sure you will too.
All it needs is to be well dried before printing. Just throw it in a preheated oven for a couple of hours at 90C (~200F) and you are good to go.

Another +1 for 910 Nylon, it works great for gears and sprockets.

Alloy 910 is amazing. Check out this project from XRobots: