Filament in print hole


My print includes a square hole going through the print profile, clearly designed as such in the stl file. However, when I try to print the part I’m noticing that there is a lot of (polycarbonate) filament blocking the hole. How can I tweak my print options in Cura to fix this? Currently printing at 100% fill density.

Please advise, thank you.

I havent printed with Polycarbonate. Strategies for reducing the stringing between walls with ABS are to: increase the filament retraction, enable wiping and adjust the extrusion temp lower.

Filament retraction acts as a “suction” to reduce the ooze during non-extruding movements. Increasing will allow more time for the nozzle move. Too much can cause a slight delay in material extrusion on the next restart.

Each filament brand has a temp range, best to print at the lowest extrusion temp (a few degrees above melting). Keep in mind extrusion temp can affect adhesion in higher layers… too low will reduce adhesion usually. It’s often a fine balance, which is why finding and sticking with a brand for each type of filament helps.