Soft PLA - as opposed to SemiFlex and NinjaFlex

I was perusing some different exotic filaments and came across Soft PLA at matter hackers.

Does anyone have experience printing with this stuff? It says it will work with bowden tubes, because it is a little harder than both ninja and semi flex. Anyone used with the Taz4 extruder?

Also, I have a PEI bed. Anyone printed this stuff on PEI? Apparently Semiflex and Ninja flex adhere too aggresively to PEI, so I am intrigued by soft PLA if it can really be used with my hot end AND bed, with only some changes to the slicing.

It works great with the stock extruder. While I have not used semiflex or ninja flex yet, the soft pla is a hard but flexible material. Think Hard rubber.

DO NOT print on PEI unless you want to replace the surface. It bonds to it.

3m tape works great. I want to try straight glass on my next print with it.

I love the stuff!

I actually find it easier to print with than PLA or ABS - stock extruder, though I use an E3Dv6 hotend. Heat temps are the same/comparable to regular PLA, so it should work fine in the Buda too.

Definitely don’t print on PEI. I’ve printed it on the PET tape that came with the TAZ4, atop ABS slurry, on bare glass, and on glass treated with PVA (basically watered down elmers glue - gluesticks would work well too). My best suggestion is bare glass, and I’ve found it’s easier to remove when the bed is still warm, unlike just about every other material.

Another tip, don’t print too fast (it can go surprisingly faster - I’m guessing faster than Ninjaflex - but don’t go at like 100mm/sec). Don’t overtighten your extruder’s idler, either - it WILL deform before it gets to the hotend, turning slightly oval shaped, which’ll cause weird cloggy problems.

I find the stuff is great for buttons, or using THIN flaps of it to create something similar to a living hinge. The thicker the flap the stiffer the hinge. If I made more things with wheels, I’d use it for that too.

Can you print this stuff or semi-flex with the normal extruder without any issues? Or is it better to print with the flexistruder to be on the safe side…I just don’t want to have to deal with all sorts of clogging issues and ruin a perfectly awesome normal extruder…

I’ve printed Soft PLA with nothing but the regular old Greg’s/Wade Reloaded (the stock extruder). Haven’t tried Semiflex.

I’ve only just recently made myself a Flexistruder, and haven’t actually tried it yet.