Filament stuck :(

New experience today. Filament stuck, will not withdraw from the print head.

I have been trying to do a print using Innova 1800. It prints about the first 15 layers, and then the filament grinds, and no longer feeds. This happened four times. I did a bunch of cold pulls to make sure the head was clear. Then tried again. Same thing, it printed the first 15 or 20 layers, and then grinds and that’s the end of that.

But this time, the filament will not withdraw from the hot end. I heat it up to 240, release the idler, and I can lift the entire printer by the filament and it will not pull out.

Any advice on how to proceed?


Hello Myeager,

Inova prints at 245. You may want to heat the hot end to 255C and then see if you can grab the filament with a pair of needle nose pliers and use the top of the extruder body for leverage. Then see if you can pull the filament out. Then do a few cold pulls, with the filament loaded at 245C and then cooled down to 145C and pull the filament. Do this several times to clear the residual filament. Then you can test the hot end by seeing if you can feed filament through with the tool head in the air. The filament should extrude in a straight line. If it tries to curl when it exits the nozzle, it will mean that there is still residual filament in the hot end.

If this does not help. Please contact for help.

I never used Innova 1800, so it’s very difficult for me to answer your query. I was thinking to purchase a new printer however due to lack of knowledge it’s going to be difficult for me to choose the best one for me.