Trouble Printing Inova-1800

Hi I have been having trouble with printing Inova-1800 with the Taz 5. All the prints are always containing some sort of hole, the horizontal surface finish is not as smooth as I was expecting. Instead gets a rough sand paper feel to it I do believe it could be a under extrusion or a layer height issue.
I have left some images to show on what I am talking about and the print settings i have been using.
Photo Nov 17, 1 04 07 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 17, 3 27 13 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 17, 3 27 35 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 17, 3 28 31 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 17, 11 27 44 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 17, 1 04 33 PM.jpg

Hello Kylellrc,

I would do a few cold pulls to make sure that the hot end is extruding properly. Then check your Esteps to see if you may be under extruding. Then you may want to try a layer height of .15 and a temperature of 245C with the heat bed at 80. The increased temperature after the calibration may allow a better filament distribution.
Worth a try.

For the cold pull what temperature would you recommend for the Inova-1800?

Hello Kyle,

For the cold pulls use 245C and then drop it down to 130C for the pull. That should clear out the hot end well.
You will want to do that several times!