Filling a chip in taz 6 bed?

My Taz 6 has a chip in the bed, right in the middle. I’ve just lived with it (it came that way) but now I want to make some parts that must come off the printer flat.

Is there something (i.e. epoxy, JB Weld) that I can use to level it off?


You don’t have to print in the center of the print bed. Lulzbot told me that to preserve the PEI sheet, not to print right in the center. If the parts you need to print are not too large you can move them around in Cura LE or whatever slicer you’re using. The only other thing I can think of is to buy another sheet of PEI and replace it. There are videos on Youtube that tell you how to do this. I’ve done it and it’s not real hard.

The chip is about 1/8" deep, well deeper than any flexible replaceable sheet. It needs filling, or I’ll have to replace the whole thing, and it’s expensive.

And my current project is too large to avoid the chip. I’ve printed off-center before, but that is not an option.

It is likely that filling the hole will be a temporary solution, I would recommend getting yourself a new set of glass/pei or flip over the glass and get a new pei sheet to put on that side.

Once the tempered glass starts to crack like that it tends to never stop. It gets invisible micro fractures and continues. Strange as that is one of reasons the PEI is on the glass surface, to prevent as it will crack before the glass. In 5+ years I have had only the bed edges crack on any of my print beds.

Forget that and get a BuildTak FlexPlate. It’s Awesome. I made a video of my setup here: BuildTak FlexPlate on Lulzbot Taz 6 - YouTube

It might also be worth mentioning that OctoGrab™ TAZ Magnetic Flex Bed | LulzBot is compatible with some TAZ 6 configurations. I didn’t mention it before due to the OP not wanting to replace his bed.

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Yes I often move the ‘printing of things’ around on the bed too.
If you print in the middle a lot and start printing to one side or the other (etc) you may want to at least wipe clean your lead screws. They will have dust on them if not often used!