Fine Bottom, Lacking Top

Hello all,

I recently had to replace my toolhead with another one, and after installing it, I’m having a few issues. I don’t have any pictures just this moment, but I’ll try to get some up this evening.

Basically, I’ve started off doing some small pieces to try and make sure everything is working right. My leveling is still off a little bit, but it’s workable. I’m getting a pretty great bottom layer, all lines connecting, no gaps, no lifting, etc. and all of my in between layers seem to be doing pretty good as well. My infill is printing great (which I’ve had a lot of trouble with before), but for some reason, when I make it to the top layers that are supposed to be solid again, they just can’t seem to do it. The lines become very thin and do not connect to each other side by side (they still connect to the perimeter of my objects). It isn’t just the first layer that is covering the infill, but all three top layers do this. Any ideas what’s going on and what I should do to remedy this?



What software are you using? Cura, Simplify3D, or ??

Working with Cura right now

Without pictures I’m just guessing, but it sounds as if your top layer strands are thin because they have not enough support beneath them to make them “squish out” to their usual width. I’d think that the second and third layers wouldn’t have that problem though.

Pictures would be good.

Ok, sorry it took me so long to reply. I’ve had a really busy week. This is what it looks like. What is strange, is that on the raised S portion it looks to be solid, but on flat surfaces wider across, such as the base area around the S or larger objects, it does not extrude enough to be able to make a solid layer. What do you make of that?

Again, the bottom layer is doing fairly well, and the infill is looking excellent.

The top of the S looks good, but the top of the disc looks a bit under extruded, could also be the speed of the print. Try increasing the flow by .1-.2. and/or slow down the overall print speed.