Fine tuning help needed since hex hotend

OK so I am trying to get as good quality prints as I can. I have gotten down to a point where I need a bit of help.

Now I started off using the TAZ medium config from Lulzbot in Slic3r. I am now down to two issues (maybe same cause).

I am having ghosting or shadowing around holes and other features. From what I read it’s due to acceleration and while I know where the acceleration setting is on the machine I thought I would get some feedback on what it should be.

The second issue is a bit of wavyness starting at corners, I suppose this could also be acceleration but I thought I would ask.

Now, I am not printing super fast or anything but the parts I am making over and over take some time so I would prefer to solve it without just slowing it all down. Perimeters is set to 100 (again the default from Lulzbot)

I see acceleration is 500
VXY jerk is 8
VZ jerk is 0.4
VE jerk is 10

I am assuming that accel is the one I need to change, but up or down and small or medium amounts (I.E. will a change of 1-5 help or is it going to be more like 20-50 ??)




I have noticed that the IGUS bearings on the X carriage that ship with the TAZ have a very loose fit. This loose fit has caused the issues you are indicating here on my machine. I recently upgraded it to use hardened rods with 10mm linear bearings from Misumi and it has solved my issues. I am also able to run a much higher accelerations and maintain good print quality.

There are threads in this forum that document this upgrade in detail ( Without this upgrade I think you are going to have to not just reduce acceleration but print speed as well.