Fixed my WobbleTAZ5

Wanting to print faster but having the shakes and resulting horrible print quality finally got me motivated to fix my “WobbleTAZ5”. Any attempt to print faster than 60mm/s with acceleration higher than around 500 was ROFLYAO comical (well… except for the part where my print that should only take 2.5 hours needed 6 hours to complete at a decent quality level).

Added more diagonal bracing to the front, back, and top as shown here and here

The right side Z-axis guide rod was very loose in the hole, so I added the 2 zip ties to keep it still and also removed both top bearings from the screws as shown here (eliminated 95% of the z-axis banding problem I had) as shown here: here

Probably the biggest problem of all was the massive amount of slop in the IGUS bearings on the 10mm shafts on both the X and Y axis. Z is also sloppy but because of the way it is loaded it isn’t causing enough of a problem for me to worry about it. I replaced the X and Y linear guide setup with hardened 10mm rods and linear bearings - completely eliminating the jumping around (literally) I was seeing with the print head at 1000+ acceleration. X-axis shown here

I am now printing at 120 to 150mm/s with acceleration set at 2400 with acceptable results. Knock on wood - not missing steps and extruder heat is keeping up with filament flow.

If anyone wants the STL files for my diagonal braces I will post them somewhere.

Very cool. Any pictures of comparison prints?

You can never have enough frame strength! With a properly reinfroced Taz you can hit rediculously fast speeds.