Firmware Confusion

I am trying to understand the latest Universal firmware releases that are being released along with Cura. I own a Taz 6. I want the latest Universal firmware that correctly supports my printer along with all of the expensive tool heads I’ve purchased (Moar, Aero, Dual…) that includes the latest and best features. Does this mythical unicorn exist? If not, what are the recommended versions of firmware for all of the available tool heads? We really need a matrix of which firmware versions are available and where they are for each tool head and this should be updated and accurate and easy to find, etc. Does this already exist and I am missing it? Help?

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Thank you for your assistance so far.

Upon installing the latest firmware (Marlin_TAZ6_Universal_2., dated 10-6 at 3:25pm) from the “cura\Resources\firmware” directory that was installed along with the latest Cura (cura-lulzbot-3.6.27-4-win32.exe) from the links on the website that I installed earlier today, I show the following tool heads selectable at the printer’s local interface:

M175v2|0.50mm|CRB CU
SL|0.25mm|NKL-PL CU
SE|0.50mm|NKL-PL CU
H175|0.50mm|NKL-PL C

Perhaps I just need to understand which option to select for each of my tool heads. Is this not the correct firmware version? There is a firmware entitled “lulzbot_taz6_lutefisk.hex” in the same directory as well but it is not versioned in the name and was last modified 9-2 at 2:21pm. Is there a firmware somewhere that I should install that I am missing?

Also, is there a 64 bit version of Cura that we should be using?

Thank you in advance for your continued assistance.

The name universal is a bit of a misnomer in that it only include a subset of the tool heads that were produced for the TAZ 6. The list that you see there is what is available for the “universal” firmware. Other tool heads will have to be selected through Cura LE and using the auto update feature will select the correct firmware for that tool head. For the tool heads listed above you won’t need to switch firmware every time you switch your tool head. The mechanism we take advantage of to provide this menu is not conducive to the tool heads not listed in the menu (moar, dual, flexy). When in doubt you can let Cura LE do the automatic update of firmware.