Firmware version for Taz 6 using the HE .5mm Head

Hey there…just received the HE .5mm Head. The firmware upgrade path in Cura-Lulzbot is not clear. Anyone been successful here? Much appreciated!


If you already have the universal firmware then you only need to use the menu on the printer to select your toolhead, otherwise update your firmware to universal with the latest stable version of Cura LE then select the toolhead once you have flashed the firmware or changed the toolhead.

thank you for the info. What is the universal firmware version? I have installed. There are not an option on the printer to change the toolhead with this firmware.

Thank you,


Figured it out…

I was trying to do this using Mac OS. Firmware is not caught up. Moved to PC…all good. Thank you!

You also have the option to flash the latest firmware even with older versions of Cura LE, you just need to manually do it instead of automatically updating your firmware. You can find our latest firmware here cura/resources/firmware · master · LulzBot 3D / Cura-LE / Cura Binary Data · GitLab . It is a little cluttered and some of the codenames can be confusing, if you have any questions just reply here.

All good…thank you!! The next problem is the filament slipping. Ive been experimenting with NinjaFlex and nGen Colorfab…both are slipping no matter how I set the idler. Is there a manual or instructions for the HE .5mm that goes into depth on insertion and force needed? I had this same problem on my dual head extruder. Has the feed tube diameter changed at all over the years…was wondering if that could be an issue with the filament freely sliding?

Thank you!

You might make another post specifically about this issue. I don’t have any helpful information at the moment other than I don’t believe the feed tube diameter has changed.