Firmware help: Lulzbot taz 3 extruder/hotend upgrade

To see the issue without background, skip to “**”

I recently purchased a used Lulzbot Taz 3. I used it for about a month and was very happy with the prints I was getting out of it. About 3 months ago, it randomly stopped heating up mid print. I was able to diagnose the issue as a failed heater cartridge; however when I looked to order one, the soonest I could get it was a month away. This wouldn’t work as I had Christmas presents I needed to print, but I ordered the part anyway so I could fix it in the future.

My solution for the time was to upgrade all the parts in the extruder and hotend to taz 6 parts. I ordered a generic version of the hexagon hotend (basically the same as lulzbot) and an extra heater cartridge for it.

When it arrived, I was able to hook it up with the old extruder hardware (with much adversity) and begin printing. I started a 30 he print and it failed due to jamming multiple times due to heat creep (I was using plan on an all metal hotend with almost no cooling). To solve this I decided to use the printer to print all of the taz 6 extruder hardware which would allow for more fans to solve the heat creep and the wonky mounting I had rigged up.

**This brings me to my issue:
I have all of the taz 6 hardware printed, assembled, and installed(with some modification to accommodate the rest of the taz 3 hardware). I have 2 fans pointing at the heat sink and another one pointing to the nozzle. I have the heat sink fans wiring spliced together and connected to fan port 0 and the other nozzle fan connected to fan port 1. The heat sink fans are running while the nozzle fan is not. I take it that I would need to change something in the firmware to make the nozzle fan run, but I’m unsure how to go about completing that. While messing with firmware, I’d also like to raise the max temp on the extruder to 300 C.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have made some furthur progress and now I need help with another firmware configuration error I’m getting when trying to set heat sink fan to come on at 50 deg c. I have a Taz 3 which I upgraded with a hexagon hotend. I’m trying to have a part cooling fan (which I already have working) and a 12 or 24V heat sink fan that I can control or that automatically comes on when hot.

I already ran the wiring as described in this forum and am working on the firmware. I made the edit to configuration_adv as described in the above forum, but I get a “‘FAN1_PIN’ was not declared in this scope” error in the temperature.cpp page. I never edited this page and I copied/pasted the code exactly as it appears in the above forum. I am using Arduino version 1.0.5-r2. Any help would be appreciated. I can include the exact code if that would be helpful.