Firmware Versions and performance differences

I’m seeing performance differences between the V1.00 and V1.01 firmware on the lulzbot site:

Couple issues that I have tracked down:

In V1.01 the Z Offset is set to:
and in V1.01

My mini works much better with the -1.375 offset. Can someone at lulzbot explain why they changed this between firmware versions?

The other really weird thing is the PINS.h configuration is vastly different for the MINI_RAMBO. It don’t understand that changes at all as many of the control Pins are moved. Just do a difference between the to files on the firmware download site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think for now though I’m going to go back to the V1.0 firmware as the V1.01 doesn’t make sense to me and when installed on my printer it doesn’t seem to work good either.

Anyone know what branch from should be used for the mini? Only the foxglove branch has code for the mini-rambo but the pins are defined different then what is included on the USB key.

This is really confusing and not something that I expected. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gave up on the lutzbot mini firmware and changed to the Marlin 1.1 RC3 firmware. It is working great on the Mini and I’m getting some of the best prints yet with it.


Could I get a diff from your version? I’d like to get a build going for the mini as well. Even better, a git repo I could send pull requests to if I change something… :slight_smile:

I have created a git repo on github. I will keep the master branch up to date with the Marlin 1.1 release and any bug fixes that I might do.