Lulzbot Mini Print Quality worsened after firmware

Recently I installed graphical interfaces on two lulzbot minis. The hardware part of the install went great, until I flashed the new firmware.
I’ve since learned that I should have recorded and kept my esteps and z offset when flashing new firmware. I didn’t do that.

Since flashing the new firmware my prints are showing what looks like really bad z banding, uneven layers, and some gooey spill over that looks to me like over extrusion.

I’ve contacted support to acquire my esteps/mm for my serial number and updated that, I’ve also tried dialing in my z offset but haven’t seen very much improvement.

Before the firmware update, I had no such problems and was getting consistently good quality prints from the machine. The graphical interface and the firmware were the only changes I’m aware of.

Surely I’m not the only one that flashed firmware without recording my previous settings. Can anyone offer any advice on how to get this back to where it needs to be?



What firmware are you running on your Mini? What version of Mini is it? Send these pictures and this information to the support team and they’ll be able to help get you back to where you need to be. This isn’t normal. Reach out before you try anything else.

I’m having the same problem with my original Mini. I put in an aerostruder extruder last September and got great prints. The printer was idle for the past 3 months and I upgraded Cura and the firmware.


The print quality is really bad now with some layer shifting, stringing, and loss of detail.

I also hear some clicking sounds and can feel vibrations in the filament. While the firmware was the only change I’m wondering if I need to look at any other hardware issue as well. I did save and restore the z-offset and e-steps from the calibration sheet.

Thanks in advance.

I did save and restore the z-offset and e-steps from the calibration sheet.

Are you sure you didn’t restore the E-Steps for the standard extruder (original calibration sheet), instead of the Aerostruder? Default for Aerostruder is around 420 as I recall, which is much different than the Standard Extruder.

Thanks, the E-Steps was the problem. For the Aerostruder you don’t need to set it manually at all. Thanks again!