Firmwares above give me probe error >>Halt

I decided to try new firmwares:

Taz 6.
Printing from SD card
Cura 3.2.32 and
It only lets me print once successfully. After the 2nd print when a print is initiated, it homes all axes, heats up nozzle - Goes to above wipe pad. But nozzle does wipe sequence about 20mm above wipe pad, never touching it, so Probing failed, Printer Halted. turn printer off/on it prints as normal. Like 2 print there is a corrupt offset ??
1st print after a reset. It homes all axes, heats up nozzle - Goes to above wipe pad. Wipe sequence succeeds. Goes to touch 1st disc but it just misses it. Rewipes, just misses disc, rewipes. trys again maybe. But then it fails to probe error, printer halted. Its missing the disc by a tiny amount like theres a set limit to the down movement to find dics and it wont try a 10th of a mm farther down.
Yes I restore failsafes and store settings after loading new firmwares
Yes I reenter my esteps and zoffset, and store settings
Yes nozzle is clean
Yes wipe pad is clean
If i revert back to 1.1.19.x it can probe the disc no problem

Check out or Cura LE release notes here:

The 1.1.9 version of the firmware handles the bed compensation a little differently, and needs to have some adjustments made to your start gcode. Add a M420 S0 before wiping/probing has been added, and M420 S1 after G29 to prevent this issue.

This gcode is automatically within Cura LE, but if you are using different slicers (or an older version of Cura LE) you will need to add this in manually.

Thank you 4 your response. I have indeed modified my start gcode. Im using a purge line in the front section of the bed, instead of blob. I have not modified my start code with changes in newer versions of Cura. I will now.

same problem using Simplify3D.

I will try the above.


I can confirm issue resolved. I just made new printer profile in Cura. Copied the new start gcode, then commented out the blob purge and used gcodes for a Prusa style purge line. I find it better for aborted prints where a retraction for nozzle wiping takes place twice, purge blob doesn’t purge enough in that case.

Tonight I’ll be trying to find a good k value for linear advance since it’s now enabled in the firmware.