First 2 prints

Just pulled my new Mini out of the box 2 hours ago and here are the first 2 printed parts.
Would have been faster but I at work and that got in the way. :laughing:


Did a few more prints at work. Some parts for fixturing that need to be replaced now and then as they get lost in the chips or damaged. Currently make them out of nylon round stock and when we need to make some fast we never seem to have the right size so it is order some next day shipping or make it out somthing that is way too big and turn most of it into chips. As expensive as nylon fitment seems it is nothing like taking a 3 inch diameter bar and turning 95% of it into chips.
So I am trying to show the boss the company should have a 3D printer, next to my desk of course. :smiling_imp:

I had ordered my Mini with 1 spool of taulman 645 and 1 of some green HIPS, and as would happen while loading it all in the car so I could play with it this weekend the HIPS got left on my desk.
Not wanting to use up the 645 on trinkets I dug out a 3 year old roll of PLA from a failed attempt at using a CNC taig mill as a printer. First problem, the PLA is 1.75mm, well may as well try and see what happens.
Well the extruder seems to clamp on it, so heat up the head and push the button, we got PLA spaghetti pilling up, back off the extruder and turn down the temp.

Now to tell Cura about the smaller filiment. Nothing in quickprint so switch to expert mode, hoping it would fill in the settings from the quickprint at I would just need to change the size.
Seems not.
Ok I remember 200C from the taig experiments and change the layer thickness to 0.3, measure the filament at 1.72mm so put that in there too. Run it.
Where did the bed leveling moves go and why is the nozzle 1/4 inch above the bed?

Do some research.
Need to load a profile, where are they?
Find them on the Lulzbot web page and down load the PLA medium. Later find them on the USB stick.
Load it up, that looks better, change the filament size to the 1.72mm and run it.
Looks better.
1st layer done starting on the 2nd.
Looks like it may just work. :mrgreen:

A few hours later and we have.

My only complaint, the cooling fan in the electronics compartment is ticking on the sheet metal at times.
Remove some screws and peek inside. Looks the the fan mounting bolts have a little extra length.
So make up a spacer.

Now the fan is quiet, the under size filament is working.
Was a good day. :smiley:

Well I do have one other complaint/preference I think the USB connector should be on the back of the printer.
I have a cable ordered that has a 90 degree B end so at least it will not stick out as far.