first couple of layers


Here is a video of my first couple of layers.
It’s a TAZ3, setting are medium ABS

To abbreviate, there is a:

  1. blotch on the closest corner, which keeps following up from the start to the next couple of layers.
  2. a grinding sound near the end of video (53-54s), that seems like the tip of the extruder is crushing the previous layer. That happens on the north longer perimeter side

I’ve tried to implement lowering of temperature right after the first layer (from 100 C to 80C), in case it happens because they are not cooling fast enough and possibly remaining expanded (?!)
Any help is appreciated

And the video:

Well, until someone has an idea, I will try maybe some acceleration setting. If that could speed up the corners.
I didn’t see any specific instruction regarding acceleration setting, only that if you crank it up too high, the motors might skip some steps…
Where would be the xy jerk settings in slic3r? I only see acceleration for perimeters, infill, first layer etc…

Also, the nozzle pushing on previous layer a bit … is it a die-swell problem? Should I try the Z lift setting in the extruder, if it would have any effect…

You may want to increase your first layer height a little bit, by adjusting the Z axis endstop. For the grinding sound on the north longer perimter side, you may want to lower that corner of the bed slightly. How does this gcode file print over the bed?