First layer blob

On my lulznot mini 1 with aerostruder head using PLA 205 degrees. Every timei print the skirt looks fine but then when it starts the first layer it puts down a little blob of material before the head starts moving. After that no issues. Any ideas?

Could be a mismatch of slicer software and firmware resulting in excessive de-retraction.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

Best way to check that this isn’t happening is to used Cura le with a default profile with the firmware that is included with that release of Cura le.

What I would check if it’s a adhesion problem but first reset your printer heat It up & clean it
If you used pla i recomend about 245•c to clean
Also clean the toolhead

Confirned, running latest CuraLE 4.13.8 and firmware Also running default profile.

Just recently cleaned it. Adhesion is very good. Hard to get it loose when done at times. Here is a pic. Always at start of print but before that tge skirt prints fine.

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4.13.8 is designed around marlin 2.x, and for some reason they stripped the 2.x firmware from recent releases of Cura LE. If you don’t want to update firmware, you need to find the 3.x version of CuraLE that last supported that 1.1 firmware.

You can find the 2.x versions of Marlin on the Gitlab site - cura/resources/firmware · 3.6 · LulzBot 3D / Cura LE / Cura LE Binary Data · GitLab

Just pick up the Marlin Mini (lcd or not) and your toolhead_2.0.x file and flash that instead.

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I installed Firmware Marlin_Mini_Aerostruder_2.0.0.144. Problem fixed. Looks perfect. Thanks for your insight.

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