first layer(s) always too wide

It is such a cool mod that Ill be installing it in the next few weeks (once tax 4 parts arrive). Ill keep you posted…

Yeah, it’s very similar. But why, I wonder? You think it’s just bad leveling all around, such that the initial layer is too thick? I’ve tried my best to fiddle with the z-stop to find the right spot.

Well technically the glass is never perfectly level with as much tuning/bed levelling as you do. Its always canted slightly in every direction, that’s why some printers have auto leveling. It finds the absolute perfect level point (based off touching 3 points and doing some crazy triangulation algorithm) before every print, so its “truly” level. It somewhat makes sense if installing auto leveling on your printer will fix your issue. I’m still in progress getting my parts for this mod, so i’m stoked to find out if it helps just as much as you probably are.

To add to that, I now have another brand of printer, and it does NOT have a heated bed and I get the exact same issue.