First layer quality

Hi guys! I had some problem with the first layer’s quality with PLA. Here I attached couple of photos of the first layer of my PLA printing. I used .3 mm layer height which initial layer thickness is .25 mm and Initial layer lin width 100% and cut off object bottom 0 mm. My temperature seeting of this print is 210C at hot end and 60C bed.
All slicing is generated by Cura.

Please check my photos and thanks for your help!

The extra filament being left on the bed during moves indicates that the extrusion temps may be a little high for the filament or you may need to increase filament retraction. The rough surface and additional buildup near the edges indicate that there may be some over extrusion. What do the bottoms look like when removed? As long as the bottom looks even, the print may recover as its built.

Over extrusion can best be evaluated on the top layer. If it’s rough, then its definitely over extruding.

Extrusion temps are a bit more difficult, but a tell tale sign is stringing between openings. Often can be combatted through filament retraction…

Hey Man! Thanks for your reply. After I adjusted the extrusion temp by 5C and measured the filament diameter by callipers, the first layer looks much better than previous one, only except the first couple of lines. Here I attached the new photo I took after the adjustment.

Very appreciate your response, it’s soo helpful!!

Looking good!

Use the “Filament - Flow (%)” to 95 or 97. That should help with the buildup of filament near the project perimeters.