First layer separation or Gap?

Trying to see if anyone can help with this issue, can’t figure out why it’s doing it to the first layer?

What does the underside look like?

Is the gap only on one side, or all around?

its all around, here is what the bottom looks like. Never had it happen before.

That isn’t the worst first layer I’ve seen, but the Z offset is a little large. Is it an error in the file?

Offset is at -00.54, Was going to print a large flat rectangle, think saw a post somewhere to sit their and keep adjusting to see where it’s at.

For the octograb, offset should be at around +0.25-0.35, for the standard glass/PEI bed -1.25 is the average.

Doing live Z axis babystepping is a good way to get it nailed down, but that requires you know what right looks like. Just hold the knob down for a second during the first layer, and it should switch to live Z mode if you’re using Lulzbot-supplied firmware.

cool thanks, yea going to try that. using Lulzbot firmware.