Lulzbot mini wipe nozzle failed


I’m trying to print with the Lulzbot mini, but can’t get past the nozzle wipe. The nozzle goes across and back on the wiper about 6 times and then presses down on the left hand side of the wiper, I presume this probe should be on the washers, but it does not seem to initiate the auto level sequence. Repeats this twice and then disconnects. Notice by the log below it says bed leveling off. Could that be part of the problem?


Make sure you have the correct firmware loaded – Mini with Standard extruder. Either just reload it – or you may be able to check by sending an M115 command, which should respond with the firmware build (including the printer model and extruder model).

Check that your startup script has the proper commands… After wiping, it should raise the extruder, home x and y, move away from the endstop slightly, set acceleration, and then issue the G29 to start the auto-level probing.